A Look at Timberline HDZ Shingles, Their Durability, and Warranties

At Smith and Ramirez Roofing, we use nothing but quality products. Our GAF Timberline HDZ shingles are the best in the market. We wanted to give you an overview of this product and why it’s a trusted roofing material for any and every kind of roof. 

Testing Our Shingles’ Durability

GAF Timberline HDZ shingles conducted an experiment to test just how resistant their shingles were. They wanted to do the absolute major test by seeing how it will hold up against a Level 3 Hurricane. After testing it with simulated winds, our shingles were standing as if it had nothing but a breeze. Testing was also conducted on our shingles against red hot flaming embers, and we sought out to see just how much damage the shingles could sustain when being blasted by hot fire over a sustained period of time. GAF shingles resisted. We also tested the shingles under the pressure of hundreds of gallons of water and again our shingles stood erect and strong against the current. You can watch the video here.

The Special Ingredient: Duragrip

We use Duragrip, which is a specially formulated and highly engineered adhesive that adheres tightly to your roof providing the utmost protection. The adhesive is so strong that it could be used to pull a trailer hitch. Our roofs are engineered to endure, to perform, and to shine through any difficult situation, weather condition, or wear and tear. It’s why we are North America’s trusted roof shingles. 

Choosing a Shingle: Taking Into Consideration Important Factors

When it comes time to replace and repair your roof with new shingles, there are several approaches you can take. After all, the right shingle should not only provide security and comfort that you invested in a quality product but that there will be added value to your home because of it. And yet, there are a couple of things to keep at the forefront of your mind. Consider:

  • The size and pitch of your roof
  • The architectural style of your home
  • The budget
  • Desired product warranty 

The Many Choices of Shingles 

Timberline is North America’s #1 selling shingle. That’s because we not only produce a long-lasting and durable product that can stand up to harsh weather conditions, consistent sun exposure, and wind, but it is built effectively and with the beauty and simplicity required of a good shingle. So our product will not only improve the value of your home, it will enhance curb appeal, and be a beautiful addition to your home. 

Some of our most popular choices of shingle include:

  • Timberline HD 
  • Timberline AH  
  • Timberline AS II  
  • Timberline CS  
  • Timberline HDZ 
  • Timberline NS 

These shingles also come in a variety of colors on some of these including barkwood, charcoal, hickory, hunger green, mission brown, pewter gray, shakewood, slate, weathered wood. Timberline HDZ shingles offer a balance of reliability, performance, and reliability so that you can have peace of mind about your home and your investment. 

Other features of Timberline shingles include :

Added Value: These shingles offer great value and architectural style but they are practically priced. 

Dimensional look: Our GAF  proprietary color blends have an enhanced shadow effect that gives them a classic wood-shade look. 

High Fire Rating: Highly resistant against fires. UL Class A. Listed to ANSI/UL 790.

Stays in Place: We use the DuraGrip adhesive, which seals each shingle very tightly. 

Get a Warranty That Fits Your Situation 

As your trusted roofing contractor, Smith and Ramirez always uses high-quality roofing material and guarantee proper installation of all of our products. We want to ensure that you feel comfortable with your purchase and know that the work that we do is protected. Find information about GAF shingle warranty here. 

For the Timberline shingles that we use there are various warranty options available. All GAF roofing shingles and qualifying accessories come with great coverage provided by GAF Shingle & Accessory Limited Warranty. And that one comes automatically with your product. 

When you install a GAF roofing system, you are automatically eligible for the coverage in the GAF Roofing System Limited Warranty. This includes a lifetime warranty for the shingles, 10 years of Smart Choice Protection, 10 Years of Algae warranty, 15 years of wind warranty and more. 

There are more options if you would like to add some extra protection and they can be found on the website

Choose the Reliable Roofing Contractor and Durable Shingles for the Roof of a Lifetime

Here at Smith and Ramirez, we focus on quality materials and products that we use in our work. We take that just as seriously as every one of our installations and repairs. Using the right materials will go a long way.

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