The Importance of Hiring Licensed and Insured Roofing Contractors

An aerial view of three El Paso houses’ roofs.

When it comes to maintaining or repairing your roof, a qualified and reputable roof contractor is critical to ensuring the components of your home are protected against the elements and other forms of damage.

Our team at Smith & Ramirez is equipped with years worth of experience and knowledge to deliver our El Paso residential and commercial property owners the best roofs, made with high-quality and environmentally-friendly materials that’ll last for years to come. Contact us online or call (915) 600-2866 to speak to one of our licensed roofing contractors.

Insurance Protection

One of the key advantages of hiring a licensed and insured roof contractor is the protection it offers. Adequate insurance coverage is vital to safeguard both the homeowner and contractor against any unforeseen incidents or accidents that may occur. Two essential types of insurance coverage include:

Liability Insurance

Accidents happen! Liability insurance protects homeowners from any damages that may occur to their property during the roofing process. Let’s say a worker accidentally breaks a window when hauling supplies up to the roof. Liability insurance would cover the cost of repairs or replacements. Without this coverage, you could be held financially responsible for any damages, which could lead to significant expenses on your end.

Workers Compensation

Roofing is a labor-intensive job that involves working at heights and handling heavy materials. Using the example of the worker and the window again, if this scenario were to happen and the glass caused an injury to the worker, workers’ compensation insurance ensures that the contractor’s employees are covered. Without this insurance, you could be held liable for medical expenses or lost wages if a worker gets injured while working on your property.

Meet State Requirements

As with any other state, in Texas, roof contractors are required to obtain a license to operate legally. The licensing process typically involves meeting certain criteria set by the state, such as passing an exam and demonstrating sufficient knowledge and experience in the roofing industry. By hiring a licensed roof contractor, you can be confident they have met the necessary requirements and possess the skills needed to get the job done effectively. 

Quality Work, Expertise, and Knowledge

Similarly, licensed roof contractors have undergone rigorous training and education to obtain their licenses. This process equips them with the necessary expertise and knowledge to handle a wide range of roofing projects. They are up-to-date with the latest industry standards, materials, and techniques, enabling them to deliver high-quality workmanship.

As a homeowner, you can tap into a roof contractor’s valuable knowledge. This can include advice on the best roofing materials, design options, and maintenance practices suitable for your roof’s specific needs. Their expertise ensures that the roofing project is carried out professionally, resulting in a durable and long-lasting roof.


A roof contractor will ensure that your residential or commercial property meets the code, regulations, and permits required by local authorities. They understand the importance of adhering to these guidelines so your new roof is compliant with the law. Non-compliance can lead to legal issues, penalties, and even the need to redo the entire project.

El Paso’s Best Roofing Contractors

Save yourself from dealing with the bureaucratic processes and ensure your roofing project is protected by a licensed and insured roofing contractor. Contact our team online or call (915) 600-2866 to learn more today!

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