How Solar Panels Can Benefit You

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Have you been thinking about solar panels? Perhaps you’re just unsure of why you should switch. We’re here to let you know that there’s a list of positive reasons to do so. Smith & Ramirez Roofing is proud to carry top-tier roof-integrated solar panels from GAF

There’s more to solar panels than their sleek design. If you want to save money, help the environment, increase your home value, and earn money, then solar panels are the way to go. The benefits are incredible, and it’s a wonder why more people haven’t switched over sooner. Find out if your roof can support solar panels and learn the benefits of getting them installed. 

Can My Roof Handle Solar Panels? 

First things first, can you even have solar panels on your roof? Well, there are a few factors to consider when deciding to go solar. Solar panels can work in all climates, but the rooftop may not support them due to your roof’s age or even if you have too many trees nearby. If trees create too much shade that covers your roof, then this may not work to its full potential. 

Will Solar Panels Fit On My Roof? 

Also, consider the size, shape, and slope of your roof. Panels like these do best when facing the south with a slope ranging from 15 to 40 degrees, but 30 to 45 degrees have proven to work best. Getting a panel installed on a flat roof can also happen, but you’ll need more space to properly tilt and stagger them for the best results. Roofs facing the south also get the most exposure of sunshine throughout the day. Although, if your roof faces the east or west, you can still see outstanding results. 

Old Roofs

If your roof shows signs that it needs repairs or older than 20-30 years, you may need to get some work done first. You should also find out how much weight your roof can handle. A proper and professional roofing contractor like Smith & Ramirez Roofing can handle all these aspects for you and determine what needs to get done before the solar installation. 

Just because your roof doesn’t support solar panels does not mean that you can’t get them! Getting a panel installed in the ground can also benefit you the same way. You can also share a panel with someone and still reap the benefits. 

The Benefits of Solar Panels 

Now that we know what to think about before installing solar panels, what are the pros of getting them? 

Environmentally Friendly 

The biggest concern on everyone’s mind these days has come down to the environment. Rightfully so, this stands as one of the best perks of solar power. It’s a clean and green source of energy that helps reduce the carbon footprint we create. There’s nothing that pollutes the air or releases any greenhouse gasses. Solar panels help contribute to a more sustainable future!  

Away With Electric Bills 

This perk stands as one of our favorites. So, to power your home, electricity must travel from a power plant to your home through various extensive networks. With solar panels installed on your roof, your energy will come straight from there! You’re in control of your energy and energy usage. They also can ensure uninterrupted service since you’re not relying on another system to provide energy. 

If money is the issue that’s holding you back, then look into what the state can do for you. You can possibly receive a federal income tax credit, on top of saving on monthly energy bills, on top of possibly getting paid to give your extra energy to others. Consumers practically get paid just to have solar panels installed! Look into what process you should go through to get all of these perks and start saving money. 

Other Solar Panel Perks 

Once you’re installing solar panels, you’re probably going to bask in the great perks you receive for a while. However, things change, as does life. If you’re having to move and sell or rent out your home, having panels will increase your home’s value! They not only save tenets or new residents money but when thinking about curbside value, solar panels look amazing compared to any other roof.

You also have the option of getting an integrated system installed with flashing to help with water penetration. This helps keep moisture out and away and avoid penetration in the room since there’s no drilling involved. 

Smith & Ramirez Solar Options 

If you’re inclined to go solar, Smith & Ramirez Roofing can help! First, we’ll take a look at your roof to ensure it’s capable of solar installation and that it’s in the right condition before anything else. When you’re ready to make the change, we’ll be ready to help you save money and the environment. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call today.

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