8 Common Roof Repairs in El Paso

A newly repaired roof in El Paso.

Just because roofs may be out of sight and out of mind doesn’t mean they should be. As an El Paso home or business owner, the integrity of your roof is crucial to keeping your property safe and secure. 

With increased unpredictable weather changes leaving environmental damage to your property on top of common roof issues, Smith and Ramirez’s experienced contractors are well-versed in providing long-lasting, high-quality solutions. 

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Gutter Issues

Designed to create a redirect rainwater from the structure of your home or business, gutters are an important component of a roofing system. Without a professionally installed, adequate system, you can experience issues such as clogging when debris like leaves, branches, and twigs create a buildup, blocking water from exiting safely. Clogging can then lead to sagging, leaks, overflow, and damage.

Ponding or Standing Water

When water collects on your roof and has not drained within 48 hours, you can experience extensive and expensive damage to your roof. Standing water can seep into the underlayers of your roofing system leading to water damage and structural damage like sagging, creating a place for mold to grow.

Roof Leaks

An aging roof, improper installation and materials, neglect, and weather often cause roof leaks. Whether the source is caused by the gutter or missing or damaged shingles, a professional can inspect, identify, and resolve the culprit of your problems to leave you with a long-lasting dry repair.

Flashing Damage

Flashing is used as a way to waterproof and redirect water away from seams and joints that may offer an opportunity for water to enter. When installed incorrectly, water can travel beneath the surface, contributing to rot. However, temperature fluctuations can also cause flashing to warp and bend.

Shingles Damage

Shingles also experience similar kinds of damage as flashings. Shingles can shrink, blister, split, and lift through wavering temperatures. When lifted, water will seep beneath during the next rainfall, creating further damage such as granule loss, water damage, and leaks.


Coating is one of the best ways to protect your roof from common environmental problems. However, if your coating isn’t properly applied, it can pull at the flashings on your roof, creating cracks and tears that will lead to leakage. Working with a reputable roofing company ensures your roof coatings are properly applied to avoid this issue and protect your roof from strong weather.

Poor Ventilation

Without proper ventilation, your home or business is at risk of poor air quality, decreased energy deficiency, and damage. An experienced roofer can help spot where problems are residing and correct the airflow of your property. 

Faulty Materials and Installation 

While DIY can be a reasonable solution to simple problems like repainting an office or bedroom, professional services to your roof are a must. Faulty materials and poor installation are the root cause of many of these common problems. It can lead to materials rotting and cracking, which then leads to leaks and water damage not only to your home or business but to your belongings and products.

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