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How To Keep Your Flat Roofing in Good Condition

It is essential for homeowners, in El Paso and Las Cruces, to keep their flat roofs in good condition. This ensures you enjoy the benefits of flat roofs without unnecessary maintenance and repair costs. For instance, the roof will get through winter with very few problems. Most flat roofs can go through several winter seasons as long you are determined to maintain your roofing in good shape.

Inspect Your Roof Annually

If you’re a home owner in the El Paso TX or Las Cruces NM area, you should inspect your flat roof at least two times a year, especially during autumn and spring. You can inspect the roof on your own or call a professional roofer to help in the process. Make sure you record any change in the condition of your roof. You should always look for the following during inspection; loose surfaces, fasteners, ruptures, visible cracks, open steams, open steams, bubbles and blisters. Other conditions that are worth checking include old roofing materials, household rubbish, deteriorated mortar joints, accumulation of debris and issues with drainage such as standing water, missing or bent drain covers and clogged gutters and drains.

Check Your Roof After Heavy Rain, Snow or Storms

It is vital to check the condition of your roof during and after heavy rain. Such checks help you see if the outlets and gutters are clogged and if the rain water is drained properly. Ensure you check the underside of your flat roof, particularly on the edges from the attic. If there is any standing water, be sure to drain the ponding. You may call a professional roofer for repair and maintenance if there are leaks due to defects in the roof flashing or membrane.

Prevent Surface Damage

Flat roofs are usually used as platforms for braces and mechanical equipment. It is advisable to avoid using your flat roofing for mechanical repairs as it exposes the surface for damage. Make sure the roofing surface is protected in cases where you are having tasks that need access from the flat roof. 18 mm boards are usually recommended and they shouldn’t be placed above any existing chipping to prevent puncturing the water-proofing membrane.

Repair Your Roof Quickly

Rotting decking and wet insulation boards are signs that your roof needs replacement. It is vital to repair the roof as soon possible because building damage becomes very costly to repair if delayed. Correct any problem that you discover during the inspection without delay. Prompt repairs will prolong the life of your roofing system and help you save money in the long run.

Know When to Replace or Repair

Some homeowners are tempted to repair their flat roofs continuously. However, this decision is not always the best as it may be costlier than replacing the entire roof. Continuous repairs are associated with more attention and increased damage to structural systems and interiors due to constant water. Flat roofing replacement is necessary if the existing roof has exceeded its expected life and has signs of advanced deterioration. The signs include wet insulation, numerous leaks and poorly attached insulation.

Considerations For Flat Roofing Installation and Replacement

There are many factors that homeowners should consider when undertaking a flat roofing replacement or installation project. This includes the type of material used and the cost involved. There are three common types of flat roof materials which are recommended for both residential and commercial roofing as outlined below;

Traditional tar and gravel (Built up roof): It is built from piles of waterproof materials which are alternated with ballasted layer of smooth river stone and hot tar. BUR is gradually using fiberglass membrane which is more resistant to damage.

Modified bitumen: This material consists of a single rolled roof which is impregnated with mineral-based wear surface for strength. It combines the advantages of built up roofing with a one-ply application. The material adheres to the surface tightly since the backing is removed during the rolling process.

Rubber membrane: It is a durable material that resembles a hot water bottle. It is designed to resist damage by sunlight and usually fastened or secured using anchor bolts, glue or layer of glue.

Glass reinforced plastic fiberglass is recommended when it comes to replacing the existing roof. It one of the best roofing materials for flat roofing and it can last for up to 100 years. It is highly resistant to hard blows and weather which makes it an ideal choice for flat roofs. In addition, they are very to repair should they get damaged. Give it a try when installing or replacing the existing flat roof and you will be assured of fewer or no repairs for many years.

Smith and Ramirez roofing contractors is GAF certified and can handle all your roof installation and repair needs. If you’d like a consultation, and are located within the El Paso or Las Cruces areas, give us a call today.

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